The Wishing House


The Wishing House
The Wishing House The Wishing House The Wishing House The Wishing House The Wishing House The Wishing House The Wishing House The Wishing House

Sterling Silver Plated: The captivating little silver house has an antique sterling silver plating and seems to naturally nestle on a shelf or shelter by a favorite plant in your living room window.

Antique Copper: This cozy little house is copper plated and reflects the warmth and comforts we all wish for when we think of home. 

Antique Gold: This unique little gold house has a gold bronze plating adding a touch of elegance and  a bit of luster to any wish.

Garden Patina: This is one of the most popular versions.of my Wishing House . Finished with a vintage style green patina it hints of outdoor gardens and the joys of the natural world.

For those of you who want to make a big wish for someone, the houses are now available in a larger size. Each house comes with a personal handwritten note in your own words. There is a 50 to 75 character limit for each note.

Free US shipping

Looking to send well wishes to a friend, family member, or significant other? The Wishing House is the perfect gift. Free shipping included on all orders, and we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

The Wishing House is hand carved in wax and cast in pewter in Rhode Island giving it a heavy, expensive feel. Every Wishing House comes with a wish that can be individually customized during the checkout process.

How it is made

No two wishing houses are completely identical as every single one of them is handmade in NY, USA. As a result all of our wishing houses are one of a kind and as unique as their receivers.

Handwritten note included

Every wishing house comes with a unique handwritten note. Send your personal wish to a loved one or to yourself and store it in this beautiful little house!