Our Story


  Hello, I’m Brauna Rosen, a Brooklyn based jewelry designer and the creator of The Wishing House.  

Please allow me to share the story behind The Wishing House with you. 

 As a child I grew up believing in magic and always felt that I would be able to find magic lands and mythological creatures just around the corner if I just wished hard enough. I also understood that you had to put a good deal of serious work in to discovering where the magic was hidden. I spent my afternoons and weekends in the fields and woods surrounding our house searching for magic.

To my recollection, I often found it. 

I started carving little houses one day as a way of reconnecting with the spirit of my childhood and recreating for myself the mysterious character of the houses I passed every day on my walk along the forest path to the school.



I discovered once I began to show my little houses to others that many  people shared a similar feeling about the houses of their childhood and the endless, wondrous possibilities of magic. 

Often, when I was at jewelry shows someone would make a beeline to a wishing house and cradling it in their hand would ask “what do you do with this?” - I remembered my fervent childhood belief in wishes and one house in particular at the edge of the forest which seemed so full of promise.  

How wonderful, I thought, it would be if there was a house where a wish could live!  

With this in mind, the wishing house was born. I explained to those who asked that this little house was a home for wishes, both wishes for oneself or wishes one might want to share with family and friends.

Since then, Wishing Houses have been given for all sorts of occasions from holiday’s to graduations and for a nice housewarming gift for a friend or client. Wishing Houses are sold in gift shops throughout the country. 

How the Wishing House is Made


If you have any questions about my Wishing Houses please feel to send them to me directly at brauna@wishinghouse.com.
I'd love to hear from you!


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