Our Story

Hello, I’m Brauna Rosen, a Brooklyn based jewelry designer and the creator of The Wishing House.  Please allow me to share the story behind The Wishing House with you. 

As a child I grew up believing in magic and always felt that I would be able to find fairies and magical beings if I just put enough time and effort into it.  So I did. I put a huge amount of time searching for doorways into magical realms.

I started carving little houses one day partially because I love little houses and partially because I was thinking about my childhood and all the Vermont houses that I grew up with each which had its own kind of mysterious character.  


But then I realized that it had another purpose.

When I was at jewelry shows people kept asking me “what do you do with this?” Another vivid memory from my childhood is that I always believed in wishes. So I said one of the things that you can do with it is make a wish and put it in a special place in your house and see if your wish comes true.

Since that time Wishing Houses have been given for all sorts of occasions.  From holiday’s to graduations, to a nice housewarming gift for a friend or client, and sell in gift shops throughout the country. 

How the Wishing House is Made


 If you have any questions about my Wishing Houses please feel to send them to me directly at brauna@wishinghouse.com. I'd love to hear from you.